Board Members
  • Helen YoungPresident
  • Kate Echter-Wright, VP of Chapter Development
  • Michael Benjamin, Director of Chapter Development
  • Andy Garcia, Membership Co-Director
  • Jess Moore,  Membership Co-Director
  • Troy DeRose, Director of Colorado Springs
  • Vanessa Wainwright, VP of Programming
  • Kat West, Programming Co-Director
  • Victoria Adams-Kotsch, Programming Co-Director
  • Leslie Jorgensen, VP of Communication
  • Simone McKenzie, Communciation Co-Director
  • Kara Dunston, Communciation Co-Director
  • Amber AtkinsVP of Mentorship & Education
  • Mike Ruberto, Mentorship & Education Co-Director


Chair Positions

  • Emily Fitzgerald, Administration Chair
  • Connie Tran, Sponsorship Co-Chair
  • Justin Walmsley, Sponsorship Co-Chair
  • Karl Uschold, Volunteer Chair
  • Kristie Carney, Gala Event Chair
  • Jenny Taylor, Fundraiser Event Chair
  • Amanda Lenz, New Programming
  • Felix Sanchez, AIGA 100 Chair
  • Maria Luna, Design for Good Chair
  • Diana Merkel, Buzz Chair
  • Mike Hornbeck, Drink & Draw AIGA Chair
  • Duane Brown, Speaker Series Chair
  • Amy Malanga, Craftworks Chair
  • Bradley Wajcman, Workshop Chair
  • Kelsey Fagan, Teen Mentorship Chair
  • Jen Rezac, High School Chair
  • Mike Slane, Higher Education Co-Chair
  • Miranda Ziegler, Higher Education Co-Chair
  • Eli Hall, Higher Education Co-Chair
  • Cindy Sewick, Scholarship Chair
  • Josh Van Engen, Professional Development Chair
  • Brandon Roth, Professional Grant Chair
  • Jared Rippy, Branding Chair
  • Caitlin McNeill, Copywriter Chair
  • Alexis Methven, PR and Social Media Chair
  • Rob Stefanski, Blog Chair
  • Rachel Rippy, Web Co-Chair
  • Aina Thomas, Web Co-Chair


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