• Jessica Moore, President
  • Helen Young, President Emeritus
  • Leslie Jorgensen, Vice President, Communication
  • Vanessa Wainwright, Vice President, Programming
  • Marty Gregg, Vice President, Chapter Development
  • Chris Chen Mahoney, Vice President, Education & Mentorship
  • Aina Thomas, Director, Communication - Promotions
  • Allie KranickDirector, Communication - Content
  • Victoria Adams-Kotsch, Director, Programming
  • Troy DeRose, Field Director
  • Miranda Ziegler, Co-Director, Education & Mentorship, Higher Education
  • Kelsey Fagan, Co-Director, Education & Mentorship 
  • Angela Serravo, Community Outreach Director
  • Karl Uschold, Membership Director


2015 – 2016 AIGA CO Chairs

  • Natalie Zanecchia, Administrative Chair
  • Shawn Meek, Awards Chair
  • Ryan Murphy, Blog Chair
  • Amanda Lenz, Boulder Community Outreach Chair
  • Amanda Lineberry, Boulder Membership Chair
  • Ashley Peck, Boulder Sponsorship Chair
  • Sarah Church, Boulder Volunteer Chair
  • Daniela Cabrerizo, Branding Chair
  • Shruthi Manjula Balakrishna, Branding Chair
  • Steven Parisi, Branding Chair
  • Diana Merkel, Buzz Chair
  • Rebecca Garner, Craftworks Chair
  • Annemarie Moody Miller, Copywriter Chair
  • Taylor Langan, Drink & Draw Chair (Denver)
  • Amanda Lineberry, Drink & Draw Chair (Boulder)
  • Lindsey Philopois, Drink & Draw Chair (Durango)
  • Sarah Jones, Film Event Chair
  • Jen Rezac, High School Chair
  • Michael Chavez, Higher Education Chair
  • Patricia Garcia, Project Manager Chair, Chapter Development
  • Jenny Thompson, Project Manager Chair, Communications
  • Alexis Junker, PR & Social Media Chair
  • Jenny Taylor, Speaker Series Chair
  • Patrick Donovan, Sponsorship Chair
  • Jay Hollick, Student Groups Chair
  • Jason O’Hara, Student Groups Chair
  • Rebecca Schley, Upskill Workshop Chair
  • Jessica Schillinger, Web Chair
  • Richard Slemaker, Web Chair
  • April Walczak, Web Chair
  • Alyshia Maynard, Welcome Wagon Chair
  • Kevin TracyProven Chair
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