Founding Members

Nine years after the first AIGA chap­ter was formed in Philadelphia in 1980, AIGA Denver became the 29th chap­ter in 1989 with the fol­low­ing twenty-three found­ing members:

  • Connie Asher, Asher Studio
  • Errol Beauchamp, The Beauchamp Group
  • Amy Condon, Gensler & Associates
  • Henry Beer, Communication Arts
  • Monique Davis, Davis Design
  • Richard DeOlivera, DeOlivera Creative
  • Tom Ema, Ema Design
  • Richard Foye, Communication Arts
  • Jerry Halladay, Bureau of Land Management
  • Mark Hanger, Graphein Design
  • John Kjos, Ampersand Studios
  • Barbara Lehman, Lehman Design
  • Clyde Mason, Robert W. Taylor Design
  • Bob Morehouse, Vermilion
  • Mark Mulvany, MultiMedia
  • John Rassman, Shiramizu Design
  • Elaine Shiramizu, Shiramizu Design
  • Elizabeth Stout, Graphein Design
  • Michael Signorella, Signorella Graphic Arts
  • Robert W. Taylor, Robert W. Taylor Design
  • David Warren, David Warren Design
  • Christina Weber, Weber Design
  • Kathy Wesselman, Wesselman Design
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