Running a design studio requires talent and knowledge that may not be your specialty. These tools should help everyone run a professional design business.
The importance of having a contractual agreement in design practice cannot be stated enough. The AIGA Standard Contract was created to help all designers to ensure fair protection and compensation for their design services. Every designer and design firm should have a copy. Download it now!
Why hire a graphic designer? What is information design? What is the value of graphic design to business? Find out the answer to these and other questions on the national AIGA website.
AIGA has released a series of articles outlining the critical, ethical and professional issues encountered by designers and their clients each and every day. They examine key concerns that designers face in order to maintain a successful practice and speak directly to the protection of individual rights.
Each year, designers in various areas and various positions are surveyed about their salaries. The results are compiled and published in this document, in which the information is organized by geographic region, design position, years of experience and other categories.
Sustainability is one of the most important responsibilities of today’s designer. Use this resource to help guide you and make more informed choices about your design practice.