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When you join AIGA, you join your local chap­ter as well as nation­wide net­work of design­ers that work together to increase design’s influ­ence and to expand oppor­tu­ni­ties for design­ers around the world. Your AIGA mem­ber­ship is crit­i­cal to ensur­ing that your pro­fes­sion is strong, rel­e­vant and influential.

AIGA’s 25,000+ mem­bers share and pro­mote a pro­fes­sional ethos. Opportunities for learn­ing and net­work­ing are plen­ti­ful through our chap­ter, and your mem­ber­ship makes national activ­i­ties pos­si­ble, includ­ing access to pro­fes­sional devel­op­ment and exclu­sive ben­e­fits.

AIGA mem­ber­ship is flex­i­ble! Whether you’re an estab­lished designer or a design stu­dent just start­ing out, you can choose the mem­ber­ship level that fits you best. Every designer has an afford­able chance to con­tribute as a mem­ber:
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See the Membership FAQs sec­tion of AIGA​.org for more infor­ma­tion, call 212 807 1990 or send us an email.

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