Efficiency is in the Eye of the Beholder

Sustainable Efficiency Webinar
Presented by Jeni Herberger
Tuesday, June 4th
$10 members, $20 non-members

The strategic plans of businesses are typically static and therefore lack the ability to flex and grow without a dramatic re‐organization annually. This static nature trickles down from overall governing business strategy to the organizational structure of every department. There typically isn’t much room for creative problem solving or innovative contributions from the people within a corporation, which is imperative in today’s new market place. It’s no wonder why so many organizations lack true efficiency!

A new webinar series aims to change how we approach this platform. To kick off the series, corporate guru Jeni Herberger focuses on the organizational structure of Corporate Creative Groups (CCGs) at the first webinar on June 4th. Jeni will focus on how to develop an organizational structure to succeed in the rapidly changing corporate walls which in­‐house teams operate within.

After May 28th, all ticket prices increase to $25, so sign up today!

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By AIGA Colorado
Published May 22, 2013
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