DesignFuture1OO: Challenging Young Designers to Look Forward

As part of AIGA’s Centennial celebration, AIGA Colorado is creating a unique opportunity to engage young designers in defining the next 100 years of design. Designers are constantly focused on finding solutions and affecting change. They ask the following questions daily: what can be improved? Is there a better way? How would this work? What are the possible solutions? AIGA Colorado is asking young designers to turn their laser-sharp focus toward problems and issues they see as occurring sometime in the future and that can be solved through design.

DesignFuture1OO is a special design campaign open to all up-and-coming designers in Colorado between the ages of 18-30. Using their keen observation and imagination, we are asking these designers to consider the wide array of problems or issues we may all face in the future, and to present solutions to those problems through a variety of design methods.

These problems or issues should be grounded in reality, meaning as experienced by humans, and can be classified as either existing now and can be solved in the near future, or as problems or issues that can be foreseen as occurring sometime in the far future. One real example that solves a future problem with design is the recent release of Ryman Eco, a new typeface that is designed to use less ink. The typeface is a perfect combination of sustainability and design, and definitely the type of forward-thinking we are looking for in this campaign.

Designers may submit various types of design solutions, including 2D printed pieces, typography, photography, websites, video and other electronic media, and 3D prototypes. We are also asking designers to submit supporting documentation that discusses their process, inspirations, and how their design solutions impact future populations. Designers must also incorporate the AIGA Colorado and AIGA1OO logos in their designs.

Additionally, AIGA Colorado will present an expansive design exhibition this Fall at the McNichol’s Civic Center Building and up 10 DesignFuture1OO submissions will be selected as part of this exhibition. Winning submissions will also be awarded various industry prizes, including AIGA memberships, Adobe subscriptions, and grants to develop their designs into real application. Design for fun. Design for impact. Design for innovation. The future is in your hands!

DesignFuture1OO, a campaign for young designers in Colorado, 18-30 years old

There are no fees associated with submittng designs to this campaign. Designers must cover the costs of their own submissions. Winning designs must also be prepared for exhibition.

Dates for Submitting Designs:
April 15-July 1, 2014

Submission Form:
Download the official campaign submission form here. Please include this form when you submit your designs.

Download the official campaign guidelines here

Download AIGA Colorado and AIGA1OO logos here

More Information:
For more information, contact us at designfuture100@gmail.com

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Published April 15, 2014
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