Craftworks: Foils + Dies recap

Walking into the industrial space that Foils and Dies occupies is like stepping onto a movie set. A giant flamingo, 20 foot tall jukebox, and 1950’s soda shop era counter are just a few of the props visible from the entryway. Rob Barnes and his brother (who creates props for movies) share the space, making it a massive warehouse of creativity. The nostalgic smell of ink instinctively makes my head turn towards the room filled with row after row of vintage letterpress machines and stacks of cabinets that house massive amounts of wood type. I hear Rob start the workshop with an introduction to his shop, a little about himself, and then takes the group on a little tour before he sets them loose with nothing but a type galley and their own creativity. I, however, am lost in the moment as I run my hands over the wood type set out in front in of me … I knew it was going to be a great Craftworks!

foilsfoils1 foils2 foils3 foils4 foils5 foils6


By AIGA Colorado
Published January 6, 2015
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