On a Silver Anniversary Platter: The 2015-2017 AIGA CO Board of Directors Slate

Committed to elevating design in the Colorado community for the last 25 years.


Colorado has grown into a thriving creative community and AIGA Colorado has been part of it. We are proud to announce the following volunteers who have been selected by the AIGA CO Nominations Committee and elected by the AIGA Colorado Board of Directors to serve the community for the next term:


2015-2017 Board of Directors:
President, Jessica Moore
Vice President Chapter Development, Marty Gregg
Communication Co-Director, Aina Thomas
Community Outreach Director, Angela Serravo
Mentorship & Education Co-Director, Kelsey Fagan
Volunteer Director, Karl Uschold


2015-2016 AIGA CO Chairs:
Administrative Chair, Natalie Zanecchia
Awards Chair, Shawn Meek
Blog Chair, Ryan Murphy
Boulder Community Outreach Chair, Amanda Lenz
Boulder Membership Chair, Amanda Lineberry
Boulder Sponsorship Chair, Ashley Peck
Boulder Volunteer Chair, Sarah Church
Branding Chair, Daniela Cabrerizo
Branding Chair, Shruthi Manjula Balakrishna
Branding Chair, Steven Parisi
Craftworks Chair, Rebecca Garner
Copywriter Chair, Allie Kranick
Design for Good Chair, Ed Popovitz
Drink & Draw Chair, Lindsey Philopois (Durango)
Film Event Chair, Sarah Jones
PR & Social Media Chair, Brandon Proff
Project Manager Chair, Chapter Development, Patricia Garcia
Project Manager Chair, Communications, Jenny Thompson
Project Manager Chair, Education and Mentorship, Brandon Roth
Project Manager Chair, Programming, Lindsay McCord
Speaker Series Chair, Jenny Taylor
Sponsorship Chair, Patrick Donovan
Student Groups Chair, Jay Hollick
Student Groups Chair, Jason O’Hara
Upskill Workshop Chair, Rebecca Schley
Web Chair, Jessica Schillinger
Web Chair, Richard Slemaker
Web Chair, April Walczak
Welcome Wagon Chair, Alyshia Maynard


2015-2016 Continuing Board Members:
President Emeritus, Helen Young
Vice President, Communication, Leslie Jorgensen
Vice President, Programming, Vanessa Wainwright
Field Director, Troy DeRose
Membership Director, Andy Garcia
Mentorship & Education Co-Director, Higher Education, Miranda Ziegler
Programming Co-Director, Victoria Adams-Kotsch
Branding Chair, Kara Dunston
Buzz Chair, Diana Merkel
Drink & Draw Chair, Taylor Langan (D)
Drink & Draw Chair, Amanda Lineberry (B)
Higher Education Chair, Michael Chavez
High School Chair, Jen Rezac


Ratification By The Members
Per the AIGA Colorado Bylaws: This slate is presented only to  all levels of membership within the chapter, Contributing, Sustaining, Design Leader and Trustee members.

More than 50% of the membership must approve this slate for it to pass. At this time, we are only accepting objections. If you object to this slate, please contact the AIGA CO President in writing no later than noon, May 19, 2015. If less than 50% of the membership rejects the slate, the slate will then be deemed ratified, at noon on May 20, 2015. The term for the 2015-2016 chair members will commence on May 20, 2015. Board directors terms 2015-2017 commencing on May 20, 2015.

Do you have a question about this slate,  or a general suggestion for AIGA CO?  Contact AIGA CO President, Helen Young at president@aigacolorado.org

Special thanks to all our members for their input and support of AIGA Colorado.

Thank you for making a difference and helping Colorado’s creative community thrive

By AIGA Colorado
Published May 13, 2015
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