Speaker Recap: Lucille Tenazas

Lucille Tenazas, a true nomad, has traveled, across the world, taking in every experience as best she could. All of those experiences still reside in her today and continue to shape and change her outlook on life and herself. As designers, we are constantly changing, whether it is through trends, clients or ourselves. Change is a part of our industry; it is necessary. Lucille reminds us that change is perfectly normal, even good, and that we should embrace it fully. It is our experiences that will form us into better designers.

We often forget to use each opportunity as a way to learn more about ourselves. It’s easy to get lost in the fast-paced routines of design, and we tend to keep going, rather than stop, slow down and nourish our growth. Lucille says, “I’ll solve the problem, but I want to solve my own! The client doesn’t need to know that!” She reminds us that we can take a step back and think, “What am I learning from this? What can I do better? How can I get there?” It was crucial advice that rang throughout the room. Every level of designer can relate. She gave such an honest reminder to be confident in our designs and to never let an experience slip away because we are doing this career for a reason. We are unique because “your ideas are yours”.

By Paige Reidarson – Literary AIGA Contributor/ Graphic Designer

By AIGA Colorado
Published January 28, 2016
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