Scratch that Itch: Become an AIGA Colorado Volunteer

Design is a lifestyle. For some of us it’s a way of life. For others, a hobby (often because we’re multitalented–don’t make that face–it’s true).

When I tell you that AIGA Colorado is staffed entirely by volunteers, that is also true. And it’s true that when you volunteer you get to work with some super fantastic people….people who you just want to have a beer with because, yeah, they’re interesting, but even more so because you want to know who they are, because the work they do is so good. And because they’re members of your team and we’re all kinda buds because what we’re doing is pretty sweet and we like to talk about our ideas. Ideas like bringing in the great creative minds of our time who run the gamut in every facet of design (print, digital; art directors, philosophers, educators, photographers, weird cartoonists, animators and illustrators and those people who do the crazy-big installations…). We connect them to our members and to the public-at-large–and that’s just the Speaker Series. We also put on workshops and events like AIGA Colorado Drink and Draw, Craftworks, Upskill, Buzz, design contests, movies and so on.

And there’s a bunch of other cool stuff that’s educational and inspiring and we love it. Sometimes it’s of the “tough-love” variety; but 95% of the time it’s definitely not tough-love. Oh yes, you network and make new contacts and meet a lot of design pros and are part of the movement that’s pushing the boundaries of design. But you’re also buffing out skills; learning new ones, new apps, new ways of thinking and, of course, getting published. You’re doing all the things you went into this business to do in the first place. And that’s what I’m saying: that perhaps more than anything you’re scratching an itch. Oh, and doesn’t it feel nice and tingly?

Maybe that’s stretching it. Follow this link to get started.

By AIGA Colorado
Published February 29, 2016
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