Speaker Recap: Typography Goodness with Nikki Villagomez

Last year at TypeCon, hosted here in Denver, I attended a talk by Nikki Villagomez. Between her and Paul Shaw’s Type Walk, my love and appreciation of typography deepened. Along with Nikki’s accomplishments as a graphic designer, she has encouraged us to take a deeper look at the culture of the U.S. through the lens of typography. She accomplishes this with her many unique speaking engagements around the country (this being her 20th for AIGA alone) and with her awesome book “Culture and Typography: How Culture Affects Typography.” In Nikki’s words, her goal has been “bringing awareness to typography and how culture plays a part in the choices that are made.”


AIGA Colorado was so excited to have Nikki visit Denver and examine different aspects of Colorado type in her presentation that was shared via social media from around the state. Typography can tell a story of where we’ve been, where we’re going, and, in Colorado, what we hold dear… beautiful natural soundings, a pioneer heritage, and an independent spirit.

Nikki collected, with the help of AIGA Colorado members, a wide verity of typographic examples with cultural differences (depending on the location) and compared them to our uniquely own Colorado interpretations. It was fantastic and she is welcomed back anytime!

Keep up with Typography adventures of Nikki:

Twitter:  @nikki_vz
Instagram: @nikki_vz

You can always share you typography finds as well #ColoradoType  #AigaColorado

By Jenny J Taylor, AIGA CO Speaker Series Chair


By AIGA Colorado
Published April 20, 2016
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