Five by One – Special Edition by Victoria Adams-Kotsch

Made Me Think

This article  from Co.Design really hit home for me. I’ve always been a bibliophile and an advocate for strong writing. Discussing the power of words alongside the power of design is very exciting.


Made Me Happy

These tiny realistic 3D printed solar systems made me squeak with joy! I find space awe inspiring. The beautiful detail at such a small scale would be perfect for my home office.


Made Me Clap

Google launched a new font , which looks consistent across multiple languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic, and Greek. This is an incredible accomplishment and, as someone who has worked on projects that need to be translated around the world, helps maintain design consistency throughout the project. The best part? It’s free and open source.
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Made Me Imagine

 As an avid hiker I fell in love with this idea . Nature is a creative reset for me and I always feel so inspired getting out of my element. Now imagine coming across these surreal sculptures that feel right at home in nature and it elevates the experience to another level.


Books I’m Reading

I’m thoroughly enjoying In The Company of Women, which is a collection of empowering advice and inspiration from over 100 woman makers, artists, and entrepreneurs. Reading the struggles, accomplishments, and insights from so many different women in different roles truly inspires me to keep pushing to see my personal and professional dreams come to fruition. I’ve been on a huge sci-fi kick recently so I’m also reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which explores the issues of what it really means to be human. If you’re ever in need of a sci-fi recommendation, I’ve got you covered!


Collected by Victoria Adams-Kotsch
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By AIGA Colorado
Published June 2, 2017
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