2018 Freelance / Entrepreneur Series

AIGA Colorado is hosting a 5-part series on the freelance / entrepreneurial life. We will discuss the realities of running your own business, whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting out. We’ll cover it all, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Each session will have a guest speaker (or panel of speakers) regarding the topic. The series will run start June 2018 and ending in Aug 2018.


Member: $20/session
Non-member: $35/session

Session Descriptions


Working with Other Creatives

Aug 29 at 6:00pm  |  General Assembly Denver

Speaker: Justin Gitlin aka Cacheflowe 

This session will cover …

  • Partnering with other creatives
  • Working with ad agencies and design firms
  • Outsourcing projects

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Past Sessions

Basics of Running Your Own Business

June 6 at 6:00pm  |  Soda Pop Garage Denver

Speaker: Jonathan Milgrom, Milgrom Law, P.C.

This session will cover …

  • Planning your business (sole proprietor vs llc, etc.)
  • Questions creative entrepreneurs should ask themselves
  • Pitfalls you’ve seen creatives fall into
  • Things that no one thinks about, but should
  • Why legal is so important for creative entrepreneurs

Developing Your Business

June 27 at 6:00pm  |  General Assembly Denver

Speakers: Annie Harmon of Harmony Design & Charles Carpenter of WIGWAM Creative

This session will cover …

  • How to network, what groups to go to / join
  • Maintaining your connections
  • Marketing yourself, staying relevant
  • Mentorship – being a mentor and having a mentor
  • How to fail forward as a creative

Everything Client Related

July 18 at 6:00pm  |  General Assembly Denver

Speakers: Geoff Allen of Fun is Ok & Lisa Wright of OBSESSO PROCESSO

This session will cover …

  • Getting referrals
  • Working your network
  • Presenting to clients
  • Growing your client base
  • Maintaining clients
  • Dealing with client issues

Workspace Matters

Aug 8 at 6:00pm  |  General Assembly Denver

Speakers: Jason Wedekind of Genghis Kern Letterpress & Design, Elsa Carenbauer and Chris Shiflett of Roost

This session will cover …

  • Working at home, renting office space & co-working
  • Scheduling / work hours
  • Educating yourself / continuing education
  • Inspiring workspace

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By AIGA Colorado
Published May 17, 2018
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