Design Slam 2021

What is Design Slam?

Design Slam is fun, exciting, creative problem-solving competition for art and design students. Design students from regional schools will compete head-to-head to solve visual problems in front of an audience virtually. The competition will have four challenges and a final round to determine the champ. All challenges are timed. Think about it like a Design “Chopped.” This will be a great opportunity for those design stars looking to shine, win a competition, and claim a cool prize. It is also a perfect venue for design students to get together, show off their skills, and learn from each other.

Remember to register early! Even if you choose not to compete you have chances to win prizes by answering design trivia or being chosen during the raffle. Also if you are chosen for an event and choose not to compete you can give your spot to a friend!

This year’s Design Slam will be using an interactive space, Gather.Town, a virtual platform that allows for fluid video chat, interaction with objects, and more! While this is a virtual event, many student groups have chosen to meet in person to practice before the event as well as during the event. We will be seeing you at this year’s Design Slam!

Students can enter Gather.Town as early as 10:45am the day of the event.

When & Where
Fri, Oct 29, 2021 12:45 PM - 3:15 PM
Gather.Town — Virtual