AIGA CO Boulder | Lunch and Learn

Join us for a FREE Hand Lettering Lunch + Learn with Erin Coldiron from Vermilion on Friday November 8 from 12–1pm at CMCI Studio. Bring your lunch and an open mind

Custom typography harkens to the earliest days of visual communication, a necessary tool for masterfully impacting audiences. Learning the hand lettering craft, from expressive individual letters to complex multi-word hierarchies, will hone your ability to expertly communicate through typography. In this workshop, Erin will walk students through a brief foundation of typography, the basics of crafting hand-drawn type, and then provide one-on-one feedback as students take on their own lettering project.

Lunch + Learn is a partnership between AIGA Boulder and CMCI Studio. AIGA Boulder and CMCI Studio are partnering to launch a Lunch + Learn series for design professionals and students.

Lunch + Learn is a monthly workshop offering hands-on learning and discussion on a variety of design topics. Please join us at CMCI studio every second Friday of the month from 12-1 to learn new skills, network, and build community. Topics will range from typography and design to presentation and business skills, UX/UI and digital marketing.

FREE to all design professionals and students. Membership in the AIGA is encouraged. Bring your lunch and an open mind.

AIGA | As the largest professional association of designers in the world, AIGA is committed to advancing the value and impact of design, both locally and globally, and working together to inspire, support and learn from each other, at every stage of our careers.

CMCI STUDIO | CMCI STUDIO sits at the crossroads of industry and academe, providing a means for collective inquiry and exchange between professionals and academics in order to solve problems and innovate through design. Our efforts and offerings range from a nontraditional graduate design program to advanced research groups, executive education, industry-sponsored projects, licensed commercial product development, and timely public-facing events from experimental installations, exhibits, and performances using music, interactivity, media showcases, and short-form workshops.

When & Where
Fri, Nov 8, 2019 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
CMCI Studio
1301 Walnut Street
Boulder, CO 80302
Currently Registered