Design with Intent

AIGA Colorado & Women in Design Denver present Designing with Intent, a three-speaker panel online event focuses on our ability as humans and designers to adapt. This diverse selection of speakers will speak on recognizing exclusion, shifting toward including, and building your voice.

As designers we have a responsibility not only to our clients, but also to people interacting with our designs. This broad audience requires us to expand our lens to recognize obstacles, diversity, and exclusion. Designing with intent means that we recognize and consider how we intentionally exclude, include, and design these interactions. It is how we intentionally design participation and mutual understanding across a diverse spectrum of culture, gender, identity, socioeconomic backgrounds, and additional variables that make up our humanity.

Topics Include:

1. Recognizing Exclusion: Understanding how our own bias gets in the way of the problems we are trying to address.

2. Prioritizing Inclusion: It is essential to engage with folks of all abilities, identities, and experiences throughout the design process

3. Establishing Your Voice: Tell your story and how your experiences have shaped the way you design with intent.

Meet Our Panelists:

Jennifer Wolf, MPH, Owner of Project Mosaic LLC

Jennifer Wolf, MPH, owns Project Mosaic LLC, a network of consultants that seeks to strengthen communities from within through strategic planning, community engagement, and communications strategies. Project Mosaic believes that communities, organizations and institutions are made stronger when the considerations of all stakeholders are accounted for. Like pieces of a mosaic, together we make a more beautiful whole. Most of Project Mosaic’s clients are Native American nonprofits, tribal and education entities, but all of their projects benefit from Indigenous methods and best practices. Wolf has worked with dozens of organizations to define their needs and next steps. Her passion is with helping organizations that address health disparities and education inequities, particularly in Native American communities

  • Website: www.projectmosaicLLC.com
  • Email: projectmosaicLLC@gmail.com
  • Instagram: @projectmosaicLLC
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-wolf-1699405/


Associate at Gensler Chicago

President Elect of NOMA

Jason Pugh is both a licensed architect and certified planner as an Associate with the Chicago Gensler office. His favorite projects includes those which directly engage the extended community and end-users as he oscillates between the macro and micro scales progressing projects from schematic master plans through full construction documentation and CA. Jason also has a passion for developing underserved communities and the next generation of designers and architects. In his spare time, he’s actively engaged on both a local & national level with the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) and the ACE Mentor Program, which are both centered on education, mentorship, diversity & inclusion. Jason has served locally on the Chicago ACE Associate Board for the last 9 years, is a former local Illinois chapter President of NOMA, and was recently elected as the incoming President of NOMA on the National Executive Board.

  • IG: @jpugh15
  • Twitter: @jpugh15
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-pugh-aia-aicp-noma-leed-ap-0b86765/

Ronit Eisenbach (She/Hers), Principal StudioRED & Professor of Architecture, University of Maryland

Ronit Eisenbach is an architect, artist, curator, and educator whose scholarship and inter-disciplinary spatial practice seeks to spark public dialogue about the world we make for ourselves. Combining art, design and architecture, she explores how our perceptions of subjective, invisible and ephemeral objects affects our understanding and experience of place. Eisenbach works locally and has exhibited internationally, partnering with local stakeholders and knowledge keepers as well as designers, artists, composers and choreographers. Students in her Public Impact Design Studios work with local stakeholders to give image to community goals and vision. Eisenbach is the co-author of Installations by Architects and catalogue, Ruth Adler Schnee: A Passion for Color. Articles and reviews of her work have appeared in the Journal of Architectural Education, Public Art Review, Sculpture magazine, and Metropolis. At the University of Maryland, she serves as Professor of Architecture, Kibel Gallery Curator and Director of the Maryland Creative Placemaking Collaborative. She is principal of StudioRED.

  • rze@studiored.com
  • www.studiored.com

The event will be moderated by Elysia Syriac, Product Marketing Manager and Evert Producer for Creative Jam Team at Adobe.

Format for the evening includes a short presentation by each panelist, 20 min. panel discussion, and the opportunity for a small break out discussion with one speaker.

When & Where
Thu, Sep 17, 2020 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM MDT