Find Your Path in the Evolving Design Industry: How Do You Get There

There are consistent internal and external factors that are shaping career paths for creatives and designers. We can choose to take an active role in our own paths and shape the future of the industry. This intimate three-part event series will be full of discussions, community, and action plans. Attend all three events for the full experience or the individual event closest tied to your journey.

Workshop Three: How Do You Get There/Creating

Now that you know a few potential routes you can take to get to your dream job in 2025, it’s time to pick a route and start moving. The most important part is to start and be confident that if you do want to go right instead of left, your route will change and you can still get to where you want to go.

Join AIGA and TARRA for a workshop about building a plan that is unique to you. We’ll talk about different systems and processes which you can modify to motivate and inspire action. We’ll go through the network, skills, and experience that will benefit your career growth, with action items aligned to each strategy.

We’ll work to answer: How do I sharpen my own understanding and think more deeply about where I want to go and the skills I need to develop?


TARRA is a network of people, ideas, and resources designed to cultivate a new generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders.

Whether you are building a company, climbing the corporate ladder, expanding a creative pursuit, or returning to work, TARRA is your place to find the tools, network and resources to thrive.

Through community, events, networking and education, we create opportunities for members to meet, learn and invest in each other.


About Jenn

Jenn Uhen has spent her career connecting her clients with their target audiences from brands to brands, and leaders at Fortune 500 companies to individual professionals focusing on career growth. Currently Jenn leads Be Genuine Stay Determined focusing on Communication Strategy, Event Programming, and Career Coaching. She guides her clients through exercises to empathize with target audiences, articulate their goals and vision, and prioritize their workload. With over a decade of her experience at creative agencies, she understands the unique challenges of a career in the creative world. In 2019, Jenn launched The Pledgettes, a community for womxn to talk about money, as she works to abolish the gender wealth gap. Jenn loves creating tailored presentations and activations for audiences at intimate and large events including: Denver Startup Week, TEDxMILEHIGH, and Freelance Business Week Denver. Jenn and her husband have clear personal and professional goals to build up their recurring revenue, work on passion projects, and get back to traveling the country in their Airstream.

When & Where
Wed, Jun 24, 2020 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM MDT