Mediocrity is Sexy



This conversation will be about how easy it is to fall in the beguiling charm of mediocrity and why that is not necessarily a terrible thing, in fact, sometimes it’s quite necessary, but always inevitable.

We’ll talk about this concept and see how and if applies to our everyday life. I’ll share some examples of my personal mediocrity and other instances when I certainly had the nerves to break apart from this sexy beast.

Speaker Bio:

I started as a jr. writer in Mexico’s most influential newspaper. Then I moved to network TV as a writer and assistant video editor. While in the network, I taught myself graphic design at night and was later promoted to on-air jr. assistant graphic artist -helping real graphic artists doing promos for the network. Since I knew how to write, I would later write and execute my own promos. Being pretty decent at that, landed me an opportunity in the Network's LA office.

After becoming an official graphic designer in California, I decided years later to knock the door of advertising. I knocked and knocked but none opened. I kept doing it until months later one opened in New York City. Since then, I've been having a blast working in this industry.

Being responsible for making creative work for global brands has taking me all over the world, which has given me great insights about the business, cultures and the importance of big, simple and universal ideas. I’ve been very fortunate for working UNDER, WITH and years later LEADING some of the most brilliant people in advertising and beyond, many of them working in the best ad agencies in the world today.

Knowing how to tell stories got me awards in this industry, but specially out of it. Not long ago, my first screenplay for a short film won a COUP DE COEUR at the Cannes Film Festival. "The Cookie", another script I wrote won an international screenplay competition organized by the Washington DC film society and just recently MTV reached out to me asking for permission to feature my YouTube videos on their high-rated show RIDICULOUSNESS.

How to Connect

  • Website: marcowalls.com
  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marco-walls-2248475/
  • Behance: https://www.behance.net/marcowalls99c2
When & Where
Thu, Nov 19, 2020 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM MST