Morning Brew: Cultivating Courage: Setting Intentions, Habits & Healing

Join AIGA Colorado for our virtual Morning Brew Series! It is more important than ever to stay connected so join us for a short 30 minute presentation from industry professionals regarding the topics of health, the future of design, or community.

Now the Good Stuff....

For Autumn, self compassion has many aspects. Owning our own story and embracing our vulnerabilities is hard, but worth the courage. This week, Autumn will guide us through how to show up, not only for yourself, but for others; finding community and support and reaching those goals you set for yourself one tiny action at a time. All while understanding that we’re more than just blood and bone, we’re magic! Our minds and bodies are capable of so much, and tapping into that can give everyone the courage to do anything when you set intentions. Together, we’ll nourish our need for self-compassion and empathy in order to drive courage and spark joy in our day to day lives.

Benefits of attending:

  • A quick guide to self-awareness and understanding what your body needs
  • Finding a sense of self-acceptance, value, and overall health/wellness
  • Tips and tricks for at home fitness, wellness, and nutrition

Speaker Bio

With an education in traditional graphic design and a background in advertising & marketing, Autumn was well accustomed to late nights, coffee addictions, and eye twitches that came with staring at a screen for days on end...not to mention those fun client “make the logo bigger” feedback gems.

The struggle to find a balanced, healthy lifestyle was all too real, so she threw herself into fitness to overcome imbalances, help with accountability, and find connection from the community. In the process, Autumn got her Crossfit Level 1 Certification and Level 1 Precision Nutrition Certification. She is a practicing crossfit and lifestyle coach, as well as a brand strategist residing in Denver, CO.

Now, Autumn is dedicated to helping a diverse array of clients own their story, embrace their vulnerabilities and lean into discomfort in order to find joy, balance, and self-acceptance. Through built trust, shared respect, and genuine kindnessAutumn provides individuals with the tools and tactics needed to build a life they love.

Connect with Autumn

  • Email: howdy@autumn-ballard.com
  • Website: Autumn-ballard.com
  • Instagram: @ballard.brands.and.barbells
  • Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/autumnballard

For This Event

We are asking for a suggested donation of $5.00 and will be donating 90% of the proceeds to our partners for Morning Brew and the remaining 10% to the AIGA Colorado Chapter to help with our overhead costs, future programming, and scholarships for students during this time.

This presentation will be recorded and sent to everyone who has registered in a recap email.

Videos and mics will be muted for all attendees throughout the call. If you have any questions, please add them in the Q & A in Zoom. We’ll stay on the call for about 10 minutes afterward to answer questions.

To keep the conversation going afterwards, please join our AIGA Colorado Slack Channel #morning-brew.

A few house rules:

Given the short time of these presentations, please make sure your camera and microphone are turned off. Q & A’s at the end will be taken via Zoom Chat. Please note, we will be recording this session for our community members later, including Q & A's. If you would rather have a private discussion, feel free to contact us after we’ve ended the recording.

Feel free to sit back, sip your morning brew, and enjoy!

When & Where
Thu, May 14, 2020 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM MDT