Morning Brew: ‘Design your Harmony’ with Cora Vohwinkel

Join AIGA Colorado for our second virtual Morning Brew! It is more important than ever to stay connected so join us for a short 30 minute presentation from industry professionals regarding the topics of health, the future of design, or community.

Everything is a bit chaotic right now and we are aware that many folks have been impacted by this pandemic. We want to support our community and the wonderful people who make our community great. We will be asking for a suggested donation of $5.00 and will be donating 90% of the proceeds to the folks we partner with on Morning Brew and the remaining 10% to the AIGA Colorado Chapter to help with our overhead costs, future programming, and scholarships for students.

Now The Good Stuff...

Cora finds that the Japanese culture has many aspects that can inspire us to live these hard times in a different way. This week she will guide us through creating our own Tokonoma that focuses on the connection to both nature and interiors, as well as celebrates beauty and change.

In this Morning Brew session, Cora will cover:

- Learning something new from a different culture

- appreciation of ephemeral beauty

- remembering that everything changes

- using your creativity to set up a peaceful corner

Cora’s Bio:

All forms of visual communication have been the focus of Cora’s interests and passions since she was young enough to hold a pencil. Cora studied art, photography, visual, and interior design in Milan, Italy and NYC.

Cora’s work experience includes stints as a photographer, stage designer for theaters and prop stylist for the most renowned styling studios in Milan. For the last 10 years she’s worked between NYC, Milan and Paris as a freelance set designer, as well as a prop and interiors stylist.

Cora offers her clients a professional multilingual consultancy based on her extensive knowledge of the international design scene and her global network of skilled collaborators. She assists brands in the development of their unique style curating shootings of their catalogs, campaigns, and the set up for events. She has often been involved in editorials, books, and bespoke interiors projects.

Cora occasionally gives lectures or workshops on topics related to set design to Pratt, NYC/ IED- Milan, Italy/ Moodart Fashion School- Verona, Italy, and @nyc4all blog.



Instagram: @coraMINY

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cora-vohwinkel-a0266422/

A few house rules:

Given the short time of these presentations, please make sure your camera and microphone are turned off. Q & A’s at the end will be taken via Zoom Chat. Please note, we will be recording this session for our community members later, including Q & A's. If you would rather have a private discussion, feel free to contact us after we’ve ended the recording.

Feel free to sit back, sip your morning brew, and enjoy!

When & Where
Thu, Apr 23, 2020 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM MDT