Morning Brew: Unlocking Your Story to Engage your World

Join AIGA Colorado for our virtual Morning Brew Series! It is more important than ever to stay connected so join us for a short 30 minute presentation from industry professionals regarding the topics of health, the future of design, or community.

Now the Good Stuff....

The world wide Covid-19 pandemic created a disruptive pause in world economies and evaluations of societal frameworks. The pause revealed states of equity, economy, mental health and many other issues. With unrest both external and internal finding ways to cope has been a challenge during these “extraordinary times”. Charles Carpenter, Creative Director at Wigwam Creative talks about how valuing and understanding your own story helps aid in listening and valuing other stories and provides a frame works for personal and professional growth and development as well as finding new paths forward. Take a journey of self discovery and find ways to engage the new world emerging around us.

In this presentation, Charles will cover:

  • Why story matters: RESPECT yourself so you can respect others.
  • Building a map and understanding personal history and context.
  • Journalling and Questioning (documenting your life)
  • Models, The Heroes Journey, 23 and me, and 5 simple questions to get to the meaning of things.
  • Transformation
  • Kindness as a way forward.

Speaker Bio:

As the Creative Director of Wigwam Creative, a design + digital agency founded in Denver in 2011, Charles R. Carpenter believes in practicing a design approach that is built on listening, creating empathy, and finding authentic solutions that clients and their audiences can connect with. He has previously served as Events Director and President of AIGA Colorado, and now serves on the Advisory Board. He has received a number of awards for his work from such publications as HOW, Graphis, Print Regional Design, and Step Inside Design, as well as the Art Director’s Club Denver Bronze and Gold awards.

Connect with Charles:

  • @ccarp21 (instagram)
  • @Charles R. Carpenter (facebook)
  • @21daystillsnow (twitter)
  • charles@wigwamcreative.com
  • www.wigwamcreative.com

Fun fact

Charles has a deep love for coffee, travel, melancholy music, growing up he wanted to be a volcanologist.

For This Event:

We are asking for a suggested donation of $5.00 and will be donating 50% of the proceeds to our speakers and partners for Morning Brew. The remaining 50% will go to the AIGA Colorado Chapter to help with our overhead costs, future programming, and scholarships for students during this time.

This presentation will be recorded and sent to everyone who has registered in a recap email.

Videos and mics will be muted for all attendees throughout the call. If you have any questions, please add them in the Q & A in Zoom. We’ll stay on the call for about 10 minutes afterward to answer questions.

To keep the conversation going afterwards, please join our AIGA Colorado Slack Channel #morning-brew.

A few house rules:

Given the short time of these presentations, please make sure your camera and microphone are turned off. Q & A’s at the end will be taken via Zoom Chat. Please note, we will be recording this session for our community members later, including Q & A's. If you would rather have a private discussion, feel free to contact us after we’ve ended the recording.

Feel free to sit back, sip your morning brew, and enjoy!

When & Where
Thu, Jul 30, 2020 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM MDT