AIGA CO Speaker Series: The Trials and Tribulations of Starting Your Own Practice

There are so many things no one tells you before going off on your own. How do you know it's the right time? LLC or S-CORP? How much do you charge? How do you get clients!? On the one year anniversary of launching Lobster Phone, Kristine Arth breaks down her own successes and failures to give you the inside scoop of what it takes to start an independent design consultancy.

One year ago, Kristine quit a comfortable job to begin her own design studio. While it had always been a dream of hers, it felt like such an unreachable goal. There was so much more she needed to learn, she didn't know how to run a business, she didn't know if she had the right network... not to mention how intimidating it is to show your work to clients without any team feedback! But after a wake up call in her life, she knew she couldn't forgive herself if she didn't try.

One year later, and Lobster Phone has been the best thing she could have ever done - for her, and for her career. The process wasn't smooth, and at times it wasn't pretty, but with 22 designs out in the world and major global brands in the pipeline, she can look back and know she wouldn't do anything differently.

In this talk, Kristine breaks down the 12 lessons she learned in her first year flying solo - from how to know it's the right time, to getting the ball rolling; finding the right clients for you and getting your work out in the world. She wants you to walk away feeling inspired, and knowing that when the time is right, you have the tools you need to succeed.


Doors open at 6pm for the social hour.
Cash-only bar and free snacks.
Speaker presentation begins at 7pm.
Parking lot entrance is on 12th. Street parking is available and most meters are free after 6pm.

Limited Letterpress Prints

Limited edition letterpress prints, designed by Kristine for this event, are on sale now! The price includes admission for one and prints are available for pickup the evening of the event (the perfect place to get a signature on your new print). Please note, prints are only available for pre-order and will not be sold at the door. Prints are one color, 14x18, printed by Genghis Kern.

Limited letterpress print by Kristine Arth

When & Where
Thu, Apr 11, 2019 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM MDT
Denver Art Museum
100 W 14th Ave Pkwy
Denver, CO 80204