Colorado Creative Series: Annie Geimer

Colorado Creatives Series

In support of #AIGAatHome, we have launched the Colorado Creatives Series, an opportunity to celebrate and showcase local creatives in our area. Our Colorado Creatives will share a little about their creative process, some of their most worthwhile investments, current reading lists and more. Enjoy!


Annie Geimer 


She, Her ,Hers

Where can we find you?

Instagram: @lionguns 

How have you adapted your creative process during this time?

I don’t consider myself to be “a creative” in the traditional sense. I’m not an artist or designer but more of a connector (thanks, Malcom Gladwell!). I am an independent contractor and currently work as an Artist Liaison for Meow Wolf, an Operations Coordinator for The Denver Theater District, as well as project manage a few one off projects. I’ve taken this time to change my daily routine and see what comes of it. I’m an incredibly busy person and have a very tight schedule; something I both pride myself on and question. I juggle many projects and my routine is regimented and calculated in order to get everything done. With some time in there for my fiance, friends and family. 

Thankfully I still have work during COVID, but I’ve taken this opportunity to slow down. I’ve been more relaxed with my daily schedule – hello, 4pm shower.  I’m breaking the rules I’ve created for myself. I’m constantly examining my relationship with control and this situation has been a very good exercise in letting go. I’ve found that I’m less stressed, less concerned about fitting everything and everybody in. My biggest takeaway is that while I’m always going to be a natural “doer, maybe my next evolution of self should be about focus and not saying yes to everything.    

What are you reading, listening to or watching right now?

I’ve been taking long walks and listening to non-news related podcasts. Recent favorites include:

“How I Built This,” which tells the stories of entrepreneurs and how they built their companies. The show is incredibly inspiring and I’ve been using it as a tool to try and think of innovative pivots for my projects. 

I enjoy listening to the Bon Appetit podcast as well as reading their magazine. I love to cook; it is my main creative outlet. Their content is educational, entertaining and full of interesting stories on food and culture. And while I will admit listening to a podcast about how to master the various cooking techniques of eggs is pretty pretentious, it’s just fun! 

Malcom Gladwell’s Revisionist History, looks at reinterpreting ideas, events or a person from the past. As he says, “Something overlooked. Something misunderstood.” Gladwell’s ability to question conventional thought encourages me not to be lazy in my quest for knowledge.

For some comic relief, I’ve been watching Hot Ones on Youtube. Famous people eating chicken wings covered in hot sauce while being interviewed – why not?! 

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success? Do you have a “favorite failure” of yours?

I have been afraid of failure for a long time. I think it is really important to do things outside of your comfort zone. Once you hit a stride in your professional career or are in a place of personal success, it is easy to only do what you are good at. While I have been careful to do things within my skill range I’ve noticed a desire to grow up, to take more risks and not be afraid to dive into something I may not do well. I started Spanish lessons last year just to work on being more comfortable with messing up. I’m learning to enjoy the challenge of getting things wrong and being comfortable being uncomfortable. Failure is a forever practice. 

What is an unusual habit or an absurd thing that you love?

I LOVE the grocery store. I know so many people who hate it and it is probably one of my favorite places. Food is a focal point in my family and something that always brings me joy. The grocery store is an endless opportunity for creation, and I find it very stimulating. If you need a personal shopper, call me. 

What are you currently working on?

I work as the co-curator for an arts incubator created by The Denver Theater District called Understudy, which is located at the 14th and Stout light rail stop at the Colorado Convention Center – please follow us @understudy_denver! While the gallery is closed we are currently trying to think of ways to engage and support the artist community through strategic partnerships and unconventional projects. We’ve got some things in the works so stay tuned!

I also throw a monthly, all vinyl dance party with my best friends called Weird Touch. We have hosted this party for nearly six years, every last Saturday of the month at the Broadway Roxy. Until we can congregate in public again, we are trying to come up with new experiences that bring together the things we love. What is the future of online streaming, cocktail membership clubs and dance parties? Follow us @weirdtouched and twitch.tv/weirdtouch

By AIGA Colorado
Published April 28, 2020
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