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AIGA Colorado 2016-2017 Board Nominations

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AIGA Colorado
February 29, 2016

AIGA Colorado wants you to help shape our creative landscape

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You may have seen this: that AIGA members come in all shapes and sizes.

So do the opportunities for volunteering with AIGA Colorado. Currently, we are taking nominations to join our board; we love our volunteers, whether you can lend an hour at an event, or five hours a week. AIGA Colorado is the local chapter of the nation’s oldest and largest professional association for design.

Join in shaping this 100% volunteer-run organization that brings local programming to Colorado creatives. We’re looking for motivated volunteers to help us pursue AIGA’s mission to advance design as a professional craft, strategic advantage, and vital cultural force.

Self-nomination is permitted and encouraged.
Ready to lend a hand? Fill out this form, today.

Serving on the board can enrich your personal and professional life, providing board members an opportunity to meet accomplished industry professionals and network with up-and-coming talent. AIGA Colorado’s Board is one of the hardest working board, our team puts on 50+ events per year, sends communications weekly to our subscribers and members, and we provide education and mentorship to the Colorado community for all levels of designers. On our board, you have the opportunity to do great things – and learn skills as you grow in your career.

Board nominees need not be AIGA members at the time of nomination, but elected nominees are required to join and maintain their memberships for the duration of their terms. Chair positions must join at the Contributor level or higher for a 1-year term; President, Vice President and Director positions must be a Supporter level member or higher for a 2-year term. (For more information about membership levels, visit aiga​.org/​b​e​l​ong.) Each term begins in April and concludes in May of 2017.

This year, there are opportunities to rise to the top as we have Director and Executive positions available. Or start as a Chair and learn the ropes. Check out your options for positions across the state. Whatever route you choose, you’ll be playing with a strong team of returning board members to gain leadership skills and connect with your peers on a whole new level.

Nominations close on March 18th. Interviews take place March 25 – 27.


Open Board Positions


Administrative Chair
This important position is focused on helping the chapter deal with day-to-day tasks, such as organizing board meetings and assisting the President with their communication and sponsorship duties. You maintain the event calendar, our most important member benefit, coordinate with the VPs in ensuring accurate dates. APPLY HERE

Project Manager/TeamWork Administrator
You make molehills out of mountains. This position will assist the Board with collecting and sorting out information to relay to the appropriate team members. You’ll help manage schedules for initiatives and wrangle TeamWork. You relish To Do lists and seeing it all come together in an organized success. We have the largest working Board in the country and AIGA Colorado puts on as many events as the New York Chapter. We need a task oriented maestro to help orchestrate our opus. APPLY HERE

Vice President of Satellite Boards
We are AIGA Colorado, a statewide chapter with a lot of ground to cover, and you are in a unique position to bridge our Satellite Boards with our homebase in Denver. You see the big picture of how AIGA is relevant across our state and strive for a more visible presence in smaller communities. You connect AIGA CO objectives with various Satellites as well as be their voice during Board Meetings in Denver, and serve as a mentor for new regional outposts. APPLY HERE



Satellite Board Manager, Boulder
Colorado is a state-wide chapter, a state that has a big footprint; Boulder has started creating event and the AIGA community is spreading. We need a leader for the team assembled, and you’ll help to continue to establish the satellite board in Boulder. You’ll help the team run local monthly programming, support membership initiatives, work as a liaison between Board and Boulder, and connect to key members in the region. APPLY HERE

Satellite Programming Chair(s), Boulder
Your job would be to direct and develop events throughout the season in your local area that are designed to help our members hone their craft, network and be inspired. Work with your local field co-chairs in securing locations and programming for events, and connect with the Board’s programming team cross support and communication. We’re looking for events that hit all levels of designers, events that spark us on our career paths such as special events, like a film screening or panel discussion, workshops and lecture events—you pick the formats and topics that appeal to your community. As noted with the Programming positions, the nominee will be asked to provide an event concept, complete with event planning details, such as potential location, audience and budget. Don’t let this requirement deter you! APPLY HERE



No open positions at this tower.



Vice President of Communications
You’re a strategy-minded art director with the ability to guide and coordinate a creative team and manage projects. You see how communications can make or break an event. You’re great with gathering content from a myriad of board members who are planning events and programs. You work closely with the President and fellow VPs and inspire your team to execute on your plan to ensure members know what’s happening and why they should be a part of it. APPLY HERE

Communications Director, Content (co-director)
Your conviction is that that Content is King. You work closely with the VP and Communication Chairs to craft and execute our voice throughout all our promotions. Your editorial plan populates the weekly newsletter, DesignWire, with inspiration for our members. Along with eloquent messaging, you make sure it’s all going smoothly, with assets collected for your team. You assign To Dos. You check in with your team, the event calendar, and with other teams frequently to make certain all their efforts are cohesive and targeted to our membership. You identify bottlenecks and assist Chairs with scheduling challenges. APPLY HERE

Branding Chair
Design is what you love and really all you want to do. Lucky for you, design is in high demand! You and your co-chair will shape the look of the AIGA Colorado brand. You’ll design promotional graphics for our speaker series, workshops, and other events and initiatives we host every year. Your designs will populate the website and DesignWire, our weekly email news. This is your opportunity to do the design you really want to do—with input from your team of designers. Who’s the client now? APPLY HERE

Copywriter Chair/PR
Designers love to talk, but often need help finding just the right words. This is where you come in. You refine ideas into something that makes a connection—and is grammatically correct. You review submitted content, provide feedback and strategic direction, and craft communications to connect with members through email promotions and social media (in tandem with our Social Media Chairs). You are integral in producing content for our website and the communication that moves through our multi-channel messaging. You assist our Blog Chair with editing submitted content as well. APPLY HERE

Social Media Chairs
You can see the matrix between events, community, ideas, and promotion—all in under 140 characters. You find joy in a social media calendar for original content, know when to jump in to promote trends, and relish in Shares, Likes and Retweets. You coordinate with your co-chair and Directors to hit all the hotspots our members virtually congregate. #aigaCOLORADO APPLY HERE



Vice President of Programming
You have a keen understanding that our local programs are the most appealing member benefit. You evaluate what events will appeal to which type of member and how different groups like to interact. You work closely with your directors to create budgets and schedules to ensure events are executed well. You work with other VPs to keep them in the loop. You manage the calendar dates with the Admin Chair. APPLY HERE

Volunteer Chair
You know how to rally the troops better than a loud-mouth Colonel, securing manpower for AIGA events, programs, and initiatives. And you’re great with a Google doc to keep it all organized. You support the Programming and Education teams to help staff their events. Since AIGA CO is 100% volunteer run, it’s critical to have a solid base of people to call upon. You serve as an ambassador for the chapter, encouraging member participation at the local level, and help with initiatives with the Volunteer Director while working with your local team. APPLY HERE

Sponsorship Chair
You enjoy puzzles and process to help identify and engage potential sponsors for chapter events and initiatives. Network to find great fits to support an event or activity and coordinate with the event chairs. Revel in the process of relaying the benefits of supporting design and our organization. APPLY HERE

Gala Chair
You love the challenge and the glory of a party well planned. The Gala Event will take place in 2017, honoring AIGA Colorado Fellows, is special because it brings together a myriad of members to honor our own. You will assemble and lead a small committee to plan and execute the Gala from start to finish. You’ll direct a design team to create the invitation, arrange a photoshoot of the Fellows, and plan the location, menu and evening presentation. You work with the Presidents and VPs to establish budget, promotion and content. APPLY HERE

Fundraising Chair
You love marrying ideas together to showcase creativity and promote a great cause, along with planning a great party. You’ll be assemble and lead a small committee to plan and execute a large Fundraiser from start to finish. You direct a design team to create the invitation, plan the location, coordinate outside vendors, and all the little details that make it a party. You work with the Presidents and VPs to establish budget, promotion and content. APPLY HERE

Gala and Fundraising Committee Members
Want to have a role in planning and executing a spectacular, large event (but don’t want to lead the charge)? We are looking for committee members for both our Fundraising event as well as our bi-annual Gala. We’re looking for great team players that can dive into location searches, decor, silent auction, menu, and all the little details to make a larger event shimmer. APPLY HERE

Speaker Series Chair
You’re a design junkie and follow hot topics and design leaders through websites, blogs, and podcasts. The speaker series is the bread and butter of our chapter. Learning from outside creatives is one of the most rewarding experiences any designer can have. You would brainstorm with the VP, Directors and President about who you want to bring to Colorado for the season. Then you invite them, organize their visit, transport them from the airport (getting valuable one-on-one time), and prep them for their presentation. You also provide assets and cool facts to the Comm team to heavily promote their talk in DesignWire and on social media. You work with the Denver Art Museum on details and logistics, request volunteers, and take the speaker to dinner after the presentation with other board members. This is a rare chance to work directly with almost any national creative you would like. APPLY HERE

Programming Team Openings:

You’ve got ideas for events that you think Denver designers have been waiting to attend.
If you are applying to any position below, please note that we will ask you, or the nominee to submit an event concept, complete with event planning details, such as potential location, audience and budget. Don’t let this requirement deter you! AIGA Colorado is a working board, and are looking for enthusiastic team mates ready to jump in and learn the ropes, at all levels of their careers; the Programming Team acts as the party planners for all AIGA CO events, and all members will work together on events, but your position also allows you to be the lead for specific events.

Contributing Member Chair
(2 positions available)
You’re just starting out in the industry, or someone who is an enthusiast of design. As someone who has 0-5 years of experience, you have an eagerness to continue to learn; this position is a member of the Programming team which helps to create a cohesive year-long programming schedule. You will plan 1-2 events during the year, each that requires that you coordinate the event getting accomplished from start to finish, and act as the main contact person. Along with your events, you will also help the rest of the Programming team to accomplish their events throughout the year. APPLY HERE

Supporting Member Chair
(2 positions available)
You’ve been working as a designer for a few years and are finally getting the hang of it, and know just the events someone at your level would love to attend. You will work with the Programming team to create a cohesive year-long programming schedule and will plan 1-2 events during the year that speak to designers at the Supporting member level. Along with your events, you will also help the rest of the Programming team to accomplish their events throughout the year. APPLY HERE

Sustaining Member Chair
(2 positions available)
You’re a Senior Designer, Art Director or Creative Director at your agency, or you work independently, with at least 5 years of experience working in a design-related field. You will work with the Programming team to create a cohesive year-long programming schedule and will plan 1-2 events during the year that keep the seasoned designer in mind. Along with your events, you will also help the rest of the Programming team to accomplish their events throughout the year. APPLY HERE




Self-nomination is permitted and encouraged.
Ready to lend a hand? Fill out this form, today.
Nominations close on March 18th.

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